Your Data

Your Data

Our dashboard is designed to help busy marketing teams work quickly, accurately and at-scale, enabling you to build and deliver highly targeted campaigns in a matter of minutes.

Understand Customers Habits

Our loyalty app enables you to build your own customised loyalty
program,analyse customer visits, communicate with your customers,
and create targeted marketing campaigns!

Birthday Rewards

Everyone loves birthday freebies! Engage with your customers with a gesture they’ll remember to increase your brand loyalty.

Track Customer Spending

Understand which customers your revenues are coming from and incentivise them to come back more often! We’ll help you categorise your customer base and track their spending habits.

Business Intelligence Insights

Zeal enables you to build your own customised loyalty program,
analyse customer visits, and create targeted marketing campaigns!

Create Marketing Campaigns

Happy hour rewards, discounts for new customers, birthday rewards, lottery transaction rewards, and much more all at your fingertips!

Win-Back Lapsed Customers

A simple command at your fingertips: “Win-back customers that haven’t visited in 28 days.”

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