Identify, segment and retarget your in-store customers

With Zeal's integration on the POS terminal, you can now make the most out of your in-store paying customers

Zeal Pay

Identify In-Store Customers

Zeal enables physical retailers to identify, segment and retarget their card-paying customers.

POS Terminals are integrated with a seamless loyalty app for customers and data insights dashboard for retailers.

Identify Customers

Enabling retailers to identify their in-store customers.

Segment Customers

Active, loyal, and churned customers auto-segmented.

Retarget with Offers

Automated personalized offers based on behavior.

Increase Revenues

80% of revenues come from 20% of loyal customers.

POS Terminals Integrated


Your POS Terminal, Smarter

Embed a seamless loyalty program.

All transactions linked to an aggregator loyalty app.

Link basket level data to paying customers.

Customers will associate your terminal with rewards.

Empower your terminal with a unique VAS.

Become your retailers favorite POS terminal.

Enable retailers to retarget their customers

Charge a higher interchange for added value on the POS.

First Time Transaction Journey


Customer presents their card to the POS.


Customer enters their phone number on the POS terminal.


Customer receives SMS to download the dual loyalty aggregator app: Zeal.


Customer is identified on future purchases and receives benefits on integrated app.

Future Transactions 1- Step Journey

Customer presents their card to the POS.

Customer is identified & receives benefits. Retailer receives insights.

Retain In-Store Customers

Physical retailers require a seamless customer loyalty program embedded within the payment flow.

Zeal offers physical retailers the opportunity to know and retain their paying customers, similar to e-commerce retailers.

Dual Loyalty Program in Operation

Global Zeal Points

A cross redemption loyalty program to help retailers acquire new customers.

Merchant Exclusive

Using the terminal ID, customers seamlessly enrol into the retailer’s loyalty program

Zeal App User Benefits

Spending Analytics

Customers can track where they spend most.

Employee Gifting

Employees & students get automated cashback.

Buy in Advance

Customers can make purchases in bulk in advance.

Giving Physical Retailers The Power of Personalized E-Commerce

Enabling physical retailers to identify and segment their customers based on their purchases will enable them to send personalized offers at the times when they are most likely to buy.

Understand Customers

Physical retailers can identify their customers.

Acquire New Customers

Using cross redemption loyalty, retailers can acquire new customers.

Retain Customers

Retailers seamlessly reward customers at the POS.

Retarget Customers

Reach out to segmented customers with personalized offers.

Automated Marketing Campaigns

Segment your customers and control the attributes of each segment. This enables you to later target these segments with personalized marketing campaigns!

Revenue Increase

A cross redemption loyalty program to help retailers acquire new customers.

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Data Security

Data and privacy are key at Zeal.

GDPR Compliant

We ground everything we do in our Data Principles.

SSL Encryption

Data is encrypted between the retailer and the app.


Our best-in-class Tokenization protects sensitive data.

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