Retain and reward your customers with a seamlessly integrated experience.

Understand, segment, retarget, engage, reward, and retain users in real-time using a wide range of solutions to offer your customers exclsuive branded offers

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A NEVER BEFORE customer experience that automatically rewards all the non-cash transactions with incredible value & unexpected benefits

Next level transactional data

Next level transactional data

Drive more sales when you join the Zeal network. Manage every in-person or online payment and collect your data across channels, so you can make smarter decisions and personalize experiences.

Offer seamless brand loyalty

Offer seamless brand loyalty

Transform the payment process into a rewarding experience (while your customer is shopping as usual) by offering points, promo codes, cashback, and other rewards every time a customer makes a purchase.

Capture deep customer behavioral analytics

Capture deep customer behavioral analytics

Gather insightful data about your customers and get a deeper understanding of their purchasing patterns. Save your efforts while scaling rapicly.

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Pay using your bank card

Shop as usual.Pay using your card. Add your mobile number. You're all set!

Earn points, everywhere, all the time

Collect Zeal Points with every card transaction whever you go. Get access to exclusive offers, discounts & more!

Join the loyalty program automatically

In addition, you get your favorite brand benefits automatically when paying using your card, no extra steps needed

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